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In this regard, Dukascopy Bank would like to clarify that no Dukascash tokens have been issued and put in circulation by дукаскопи брокер Bank so far and that the date of launch of Dukascash cannot be determined at the current stage.

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This date will be announced separately in an official communication from the Bank. For detailed information on SWAP rates and other trading conditions, please visit our website. Further steps related to crypto are already in development. Stay tuned.

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The detailed market closures can be found here. The first physical embodiment of a virtual cryptocurrency had been launched into Space.

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The волатильность биржевых индексов which dared such дукаскопи брокер feat was the Dukascoin: the first cryptocurrency ever issued by a regulated bank — Dukascopy Bank SA.

With a speed of 5.

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Later that same day, the space capsule with 65 silver coins returned to Earth. The video report is available here. Today, Дукаскопи брокер Bank is proud to announce that the silver Dukascoins which were launched into space and successfully returned to Earth are available for order.

You can take a look at the photo gallery here. The intrinsic value of the Silver Dukascoin lies in the fact that it is the physical proof of the right to receive the Gratification bonus under the conditions дукаскопи брокер the Silver Dukascoin Bonus Program. Please read the conditions on the dedicated website www.

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